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  1. GR-OSMOSDR updated to use SDRPlay API V. 1.95

    I've always wanted to use the SDRPlay with my GNU Linux computers, that I’m usually working on. The previous version of the GR-OSMOSDR provided by the SDRPlay-Team was somehow not working and looked unfinished ….at least not on my side, so I decided to implement the 1.95 API version on my own.

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  2. Open Matters, Slides & Links

    Today I’ve received the video from the event host. Excuse the poor quality. Audio/Video is a few ms out of sync so it looks/sounds a bit like bad dubbing 🙂 Anyway, enjoy!

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  3. Share your SDRPlay over the Internet / Browser with OpenWebRX

    I’ve done a small proof of concept to use OpenWebRX with the SDRPlay. This would allow to share the SDRPlay over a WAN connection and just leave a RaspberryPi running at home. Wouldn’t that be nice? Currently it uses the sample play_tcp code that only outputs 8-bit IQ. I’ll change the code to get out the full 12bit along with some setup script to quickly setup SDRPlay with OpenWebRX. OpenWebRX was created by András Retzler (HA7ILM). (See his BSc. thesis here). He made it very easy to use other receivers, by just passing the IQ samples. Looking forward to be ready in a few days

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  4. SDRPlay now plays on linux

    Started to play with the SDRPlay C/Linux api and forked RTL_TCP to PLAY_TCP. That allows to run the SDRPlay e.g. on a Raspberry PI in your local network. The first prototype is pushed

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